Connecting Nature with Luxury


We brew premium ales sustainably using the power of the sun right here in Magaguadavic, New Brunswick.

Our New Off-Grid Brewery and Taproom

OG Ales is New Brunswick’s first microbrewery crafting premium ales off-grid using solar energy since 2016, and now includes our all-new taproom! Our solar panel system is capable of producing 80 kwh of power, allowing OG Ales to be Net Carbon Neutral and provide enough power for future growth.


We specialize in crafting traditional English ales, but we do it off-grid. The brewing team continues to innovate and introduce new OG styles and seasonal Porters. Today, the collection includes signature IPA’s and the award winning, world-class Red Ale.

Crisp Air Cream Ale

ALC / VOL 5.5%
Inspired by nature’s crisp air and crisply refreshing balanced with European hops. NEW in 2024.

Aromas: citrus and woodsy.

Campfire Red

ALC / VOL 5.5%
Specialty roasted malts are used to create a uniquely complex beer with beautiful caramel flavors and aromas.

Aromas: caramel, toffee, malty

Sunny Day IPA

ALC / VOL 5.5%
A full-bodied West Coast IPA that’s golden in colour treating the nose to hints of citrus and passionfruit aromas while leaving the tongue hop happy.

Aromas: Citrus, Berry, tropical fruit, a hint of floral

High Tower DIPA

ALC / VOL 7.8%
This Double IPA uses Canadian honey and is partnered with specialty hops, making it aggressive in aroma and flavour!

Aromas: Citrus, berry and hint of stone fruit

Smooth Sailing Pale Ale

ALC / VOL 5.5%
This medium bodied American Pale Ale has the maltiness balanced by Amarillo and Centennial hops giving rise to citrus and tropical fruit accents.

Aromas: Hint of citrus and floral

Tremolo Amber Ale

ALC / VOL 4.2%
Lighter ale with the perfect balance of maltiness with notes of citrus, fruit and pine.

Aromas: Fruity and hint of coffee malt

Solstice Red IPA

ALC / VOL 5.5%
A rich caramelized Red Ale blended with the signature happiness of a West Coast IPA.

Aromas: caramel, toffee and citrus.


We offer local restaurants, bars and special events kegs in 20L or 50L sizes. Contact us at for order details.


We offer exclusive OG swag available at the OG brewtique at the OG Domes and brewery site.


Hoodies, T-Shirts, Tank-tops and Hats.


Tumblers, Glasses, Mugs and Koozies


Custom curated pieces by local artisans.